challenge: assunta

Challenge #36 from I am the Diva is to use the new tangle Assunta.  I tried it in a couple of different scales and with variations (making tangelations I think).  Instructions for Assunta are here.  Visit I am the Diva every Monday for the new challenge and to see all the great pieces done by some very talented folks.

I could NOT get my teardrops to be the same size or even the same basic shape.  That will definitely take some work.  But, I found that even when uneven, the pattern works and can actually be very adaptable for curved areas, etc. so I won't give up on it yet.  Practice, practice.


  1. Both are great but I'm particularly drawn to your first, the scale and patterns are wonderful.

  2. I like your first picture, it has so much movement in it. I agree that getting the shapes to be even is a skill that needs to be practiced.


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