sketchbook challenge: a beginning

Let it be said:  I'm not much of a drawer, sketcher, whatever.  As an interior designer I took some classes in perspective drawing - I still suck at it!  And I find it SO frustrating - it seems like it should be easier!  Just draw what you see, right?

While I don't feel the need to be a perfect representational artist, I do want to be able to sketch or draw the most fundamental of shapes or items.  So the challenge at sketchbook challenge this month is to draw "every day things".  That should be right up my alley.   Hmmmmm.

Many of the blogs I follow participate in this challenge and their sketches frankly intimidate me more than a little. It seems like everyone else is so talented.  But, I'm going to try - practice, practice and I'm sure I'll improve (right!?)  I have to get over the "I can't do it" mentality and give it my best shot.

Since you can usually find my behind a camera, that's the first "every day" item I attempted to draw.  Here's my novice but earnest effort.

It's recognizable, right?  My art journal has now expanded from collage and watercolor to include an occasional sketch and I look forward to adding more.  Any and all advice / suggestions / helpful intro books, etc will be appreciated.  I have a very thick skin and am more interested in improving.

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  1. Bravo! Everyone has to start somewhere with something...I've found (me, personally, that is...)that there are certain objects I am better at drawing than others... but as everyone says, and as I always the pupils in class - you have to practice to get better!

    Well done, keep it up!


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