new colors

I haven't worked in my journal in awhile and it's been buggin' me!  I had this taped grid for quite awhile but no inspiration about how to use it.  Then I ran across an interesting site today:  GPP Street Team by Michelle Ward.  She offers a challenge per month (I can do that, right?).  This month was to take a word, concept, song title, book title, whatever, as your inspiration and create the color that fits that word.

OMG - how fun is that?!  I look over to my paint table and here's this grid sitting there, waiting for inspiration - I think I just found it!  Immediately I had the first few words and even knew the basic color they evoked for me.  I built from there and as I thought about it, I liked the progression of one color way blending into the next.  I absolutely love watercolor for this easy blending/melding of color!

So here's my first offering in the challenges offered by Michelle.  Feel free to join in - she gives you a whole month to develop and post your idea - but I was so inspired I finished mine in a couple hours!  Check in on Sept 1 for the next challenge.


  1. I love the watercolors and the blending. Escape is my favorite. And what a great opportunity to use that grid that was waiting for you!

  2. Great idea! I will give this a try sometime! Valerie

  3. Terrific concept, an inspiration. Enjoy your week. Annette x

  4. Your grid of colors is perfect, and I love the names too! So glad you joined the 'team'.

  5. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Terrie - love that you found us, just when you needed a little boost to get working in your journal again. Great words to define with color, and perfect matches! I just came back from a vacation and that is exactly the color I would mix to illustrate it. Terrific! Thanks for sharing with the team!

  6. these are lovely! I love "vacation" (being partial to orange), but I think you really nailed it with "disappointment"


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