inspiration ave: icy

Icy, huh?  Here I am, in Seattle, in our two weeks of warm summer, you want me to think about cold and icy???  Okay, let me see what I can come up with.....

Since I'm headed out of town this weekend, I didn't want to start a painting or even get stuff out for a journal page, so I tried my hand at a little digital collage.  It's kinda fun and definitely cold!  I used my photos - the bear is actually covered in white carnations and was part of the Christmas display at the Bellagio, Las Vegas a few years ago.  The snowy palm is also from Vegas (it did actually snow one year!) and the mosiac was from a texture I found somewhere (sorry I can't give credit).  A few layers, color adjustments, etc. and voila!  Icy.

It will definitely be interesting to see what everyone comes up with this week.  Join the fun and post something before Sunday 4pm or just check in on Monday at Inspiration Avenue to see the roundup of everyone's entries.


  1. So cool, I've never played with digital collages and I LOVE this one!

  2. This is fun - I kind of love that most of it comes from Vegas - a place I for one, never associate with snow!

  3. I admire your ability to create with digital, as well as paint. It's an entirely different process, but I love what you have done. I especially love the snow on the palm trees. I know I'm late getting here, but I've been offline most of the week with a house guest who didn't realize how hot it actually was, here. Glad to read your heat is non-existent. You are one of the lucky ones.

  4. I've never tried digital collage--this is an awesome piece! The polar bear is too cute!

  5. Great digital work Terrie. VERY cool.

  6. Anonymous9:00 PM

    so cool and playful

    Stay inspired!

  7. Very cool! Love that cute little bear! :0)


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