journal page: bellevue art fair

I spent the day with 2 good friends at the Bellevue Art Fair - this page will remind me of that fun day.  First time in 15 years or more that I'd been there and the range of art and original jewelry was astounding.  So creative and I left so inspired to try a few new ideas.  I did purchase a gift and then cut up the bag for the basis of my pages - add a couple of business cards and appropriate magazine text and it reflects the fun day I had.

Did you do something fun?  Pull out a piece of paper and draw, scribble, write, sketch, paint, whatever... all about it!  Though it doesn't match exactly an InTheSun prompt, it IS what I did this weekend, so I'm counting it :)
This week is about the elements, so I've got to start thinking about how to portray them....

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  1. Great page, and a lovely memory of a good day spent with friends! Valerie


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