postcard swap wrap up

I participated in the Liberate Your Art postcard swap where Kat (Kat's Eye) collected 5 postcards from over 100 participants then redistributed them so we all got 5 new cards.  These are my last two cards.  I LOVE that they arrived sprinkled over a couple of weeks and that they're SO different in style and subject.  This was really a fun project (though Kat really did all the work) and it was certainly successful as my first ever swap of any kind.

The above card arrived from SassyAngelac.blogspot.com  and she's posted pics of the cards she's received so it's fun to go look.  I honestly can't remember if I put my website address on my cards....silly to have left it off, but I haven't heard from anyone, so I'm assuming I forgot.  Damn!

This lovely card looks like it should have come from a beachy town, but no, it arrived from right here in Seattle!  What are the odds?  It's from "M" at SunBreaksInTheForecast.blogspot.com so stop by and see what else she's up to.

REV to add:
I wrote about the first three I received earlier and you can see them here.

Thanks ladies for the fab cards!


  1. 2 very unusual cards! I got one more today, so still waiting for one more! Valerie

  2. Hi Terrie! So glad you liked my sand dollars. My family has a home north of Ocean Shores and I have picked them up from the beach there. Too funny this card traveled to Oregon then back to just a few miles South of where it started.

  3. So lovely to have you in the swap and the hop! It's nice to see what everyone received and how you connected to each other. I hope you'll join in next time too!

  4. Anonymous9:32 AM

    All are so pretty! Love looking at what everyone received.

  5. How wonderful! I love to see all those beautiful postcards and where they arrived!

  6. Hello... nice to meet you!
    How wonderful are these! Such wonderful "artsy" treasures to have,enjoy :]
    Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed my visit here.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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