a little more creativity

I haven't forgotten AEDM, I just got sidetracked by the holiday and then by setting out Christmas.  However, I did a couple of creative things in there......

For Thanksgiving (hope all of you here in the US had the best Thanksgiving ever!), I handmade the place cards for the dinner table.  I printed photos of each person and then doodled the edges of the card.  A pinecone and some wire completed the place card.

Then, after Thanksgiving it was time to bring out the bins of holiday decorations and get the house whipped into shape.  Traditionally we have a holiday party the first Saturday of December and play bunco (if you haven't tried it, it's a simple, brainless dice game that's SO easy, fun and a great 'forced' mixer for a group of people).  Most of my decor goes in the same place each year, but I do create a different mantel arrangement - and that's a challenge!  My mantel is about 3' deep and the opening is probably 4' tall - it's tough to fill it up and not make it too crowded.....  My creativity was stretched a bit here.....

Then, I tried something totally different in the entry way - it came to me as I was laying in bed trying to summon the energy to get up and get moving.....I went to the local park a week ago and picked up some fallen branches, gave them a light coat of white spray paint and added lots and LOTS of curling ribbon streamers.  I love the touch of whimsy in my entry......

So, no art per se, but creativity none-the-less.....  See what others are doing to wrap up this creative month by visiting Creative Every Day...

By the way, in my email this morning was a nice little surprise.  Stampington now offers a wide range of washi tapes (for those of you addicted or wish you could be) for an affordable $3.49/roll through their Shoppe at Somerset.  Lots of fun, unusual patterns - will I see one of them on a postcard from you?  


  1. I love seeing how your creativity manifests itself in so many different ways. The place cards are a wonderful idea that I may steal! :-)

  2. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Ooh you are looking so festive, I have just started and need to get my wiggle on. Great idea for the place cards....xox

  3. Love the branches!!!Indeed so festive place cards are awesome too!

  4. Loving your fircone place cards and all your magical decorations, x

  5. your beribboned branches are fabulous.

  6. Wow! I love what you've been doing. Those place cards would have made me feel so welcomed! Love love love them, and everything I see here!

    If you would like to read my AEDM post from today, click here.

  7. Anonymous3:32 PM

    What a wonderful idea for place settings. Did each guest get to keep theirs? Glad you had a good holiday.
    Stay inspired!

  8. The place cards look amazing and your decorations look beautiful... you can see how much you love celebrations...xx

  9. WOW!!!
    Move over Martha Stewart ... you are amazing, Terrie.
    Everything looks incredible! :]

  10. Well, I finally saw your post that you had changed your comments. I'm a dufus because I tell people to read the post, then didn't reread it until tonight. Now that AEDM is over, I can finally visit a few friends. No, I didn't forget it either, but I was no longer able to see the links, so couldn't link up, although I played every day.

    I love your beautiful decorations, including the ones you made for your place settings. Those branches in your entry are incredible. And I like what you did on your mantel, too.

  11. The entry tree is so much fun. I might need to make something like this for our house too! Very festive.

  12. Anonymous10:30 AM

    what a great idea for place cards!


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