Jenn over at Just Add Water Silly set an interesting prompt for this week's Artist Playroom.  Shadows.  How ever we want to interpret them......since it's Halloween as I write this, my mind goes to spooky and darkly shadowed places but I don't draw much and don't usually hang out in dark, grim, shadowy places. But, I want to play (especially since I've missed the last couple weeks and some fun prompts!).

I don't usually paint landscapes or still lifes that would use traditional shadowing techniques to create dimension.  However, I do play with shadows in my photography and here are a few faves.

Shadow Play

Deck Shadows

Berry Shadow

I'm still in the process of tagging all my photos so these are the ones I could find easily. Then I quickly browsed my painting pics and found a couple where I did attempt to use shadows.....

an early watercolor with shadowy attempts :)

Can't wait to see everyone else's shadows.....spooky or intriguing or ......


  1. cool beans Terrie!! looks like you had some good fun with the shadows. I love to watch them dance round here. which they DO with great regularity.

  2. lovely pieces, all of them! hope the tagging is going well. xx

  3. Hi Terrie,
    thanks for your note on my blog the other day. We're still w/o power but happy and grateful that is the extent of our troubles from the hurricane. Staying at my parents and happy to be able to go online, be warm and dry.
    Love the painting you have posted here! The blue one is amazing and liking your photos too!

  4. Hello Terrie
    These are great, shadows!!
    Love your watercolor artwork too. :]

  5. great use of shadows in both the photographs and watercolors. My favorite is th grey blue watercolor painting, it looks so misty-moisty, love it!

  6. Love your shadows ... both photographed and painted... I wish we could see more of your watercolours actually but hopefully as you tag them more and more will crop up and be shared....xx

  7. Long time no chat! I've been remiss lately in neglecting my arty friends around the world, so I 'm trying to catch up! I love your shadows especially the inky trees. Your photos of your home town Seattle are gorgeous too-one day I might get to travel to the US (when the Rand/Dollar is kinder to SA travelers!)

  8. Fantastic shadows. That first painting is really lovely. I like all your photos too. Like Trace, I would love to see more of your watercolours.


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