AEDM 16-18

Continuing my efforts to show my daily creativity for AEDM.

You know, I realized I feel creative every day, even if it doesn't necessarily result in getting glue and paint all over my hands (and everything else).  I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking creative thoughts (planning a centerpiece, planning an art piece, planning a card design, whatever).  And we all know, we are what we think about, right?  :)  Sometimes creativity takes a more practical or mundane avenue but is necessary in the overall encouragement of our most creative selves.

So, while Leah's challenge is helpful to focus on actual production, I don't feel like I need any nudging to be creative....maybe just to get it out of my head....  In that vein, I focused on the practical on Friday.

Day #16:
As you may remember, my computer crashed a few weeks ago, then the new replacement one crashed a week later (something in the air????).  Yes, I'm still retagging those thousands of photos, but one of the other necessary tasks was reassembling my vast font library.  Which I discovered I can't do.  I didn't keep the original font files and many of them are no longer available or aren't free any more.

Then, because I'm compulsive that way, I had to create an updated reference list of my fonts by style: handwriting, novelty, bold, stencil, etc.  I know, it's a curse.  But, it's done - check!

Day 17:
I went back and finished my first veneer project.  I found inspiration in a quilt book, so this is a simple version of a quilt block on a small canvas board -5x7 or so. 
Here's most of my veneer bits laid out on the floor by color - trying to figure out how to store this stuff.....

Work table filled with veneer bits and quilt book inspiration.

The start of a background......

Glued in place with white glue.  Oops, I appeared to have measured wrong.  No problem.....

I just happened to have this cool button ready to go -  (it's brass toned, not green)

 I had to add more layers to the background to darken it and create more contrast with the wood color.

Day 18:
Started working on a Christmas gift.....an advent calendar -got the idea from Pinterest.  Started with cutting lots of pockets from some scrapbook paper I've had on hand for a couple years.  Then is the fun....embellishing each pocket (which is still underway).
Lots of cutting....

Working on the layout.....

aedmlogored      Are you finding/making time to be creative?  It gets harder and harder as the holidays approach and start to suck up our time! :)


  1. You have been very busy! Lovely work! :)

  2. Fantastic projects Terrie! I love that veneer piece. Does it smell amazing?? I always love the smell of wood... Can't wait to see the rest of your advent calendar. I've very intrigued to see how it all comes together. xx

  3. I can relate to your need to organize your font list. The vast majority of my life is overflowing chaos, or held together with spit and scotch tape, but I cannot sleep if my computer files are not in order. (OR if the bills in my wallet are not sorted, aligned and sequenced.) The veneer piece is lovely and that button found the perfect home.

  4. Terrie...
    you are exploding with "CREATIVITY" here... WOW!!
    Love this post, very inspiring.
    I really like what you got started, with your advent calendar...
    can not wait to see it completed!! (do share, pictures please) :]

  5. The veneer quilt type project is awesome... will be fascinating to see what you come up with as you are so good with textures... and the font thing made me laugh out loud... I love your compulsive habits... so exotic!!!
    and the advent is going to be amazing... we usually get around to it about three days before Christmas ... maybe I will be more organised this year... maybe..xx

  6. Hi Terrie, just wanted to let you know (as my emails don't seem be reaching you) that I have been getting yours and all is good with PP. Thanks so much!! xx


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