I have the start of a couple of projects for my creative efforts today.....  Working on a 5x7" canvas panel I am just laying down the background starts for a couple of ideas I have.

Started with adhering an Asian book page to one panel (the paper was received in a swap!) with mat medium.  I won a small book from Fiona a couple months ago and have it hanging on the wall, but it needs a companion so I want to make something gently Asian and compatible with her gorgeous book.

The other project is that I want to experiment with working with the veneer pieces I get from work.  My thought is that I'll use a few different veneer colors and make a quilt type pattern on the painted background.

Used yellow, orange and light brown so far....

The Asian beginning is on the right, the veneer will be on the gold one and the left is my baby wipe drying to become collage fodder for another day.

Why don't you join in the Art Every Day Month?  It doesn't have to be a big project - just a little working in your journal, begin a project (like me), take a gorgeous photo, or make a new soup.  Who says creativity is restricted to painting/collage?  How will you be creative today?


  1. Love seeing works in progress. That's a snazzy baby wipe! ;)

  2. can't wait to see this done... hoping you got time to work on it over the weekend
    T xx


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