beach walk

Dan and I went for a fall beach walk last weekend and I wanted to share a few photos....

Some clever person created this fish 'sculpture' from found driftwood bits and branches.  It's so artistic!

A little further down the beach we came across this carving in a driftwood log. Someone put a lot of effort into this art that will be transient. It was such a joy to stumble across these two examples of artistic effort - at the beach, just because, no expectation of longevity, just joy in creating.

I noticed this empty bench in a little clearing at the park (we were at Lincoln Park in W. Seattle) and asked Dan to go be my lonely person......

The path up to the park from the beach - this is where I started gathering those giant maple leaves that became my sewn garland.  I love that in Seattle we enjoy the colorful leaves of deciduous trees but also have the contrast of deep greens of the evergreens like in the park photo above.

Our Seattle beaches are pretty rocky and I miss the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean or Tahiti or Hawaii.  BUT, I've become quite addicted to rock gathering at our wonderful beaches - I have piles of rocks showing up on my window sills, table tops, in vases and wrapped in yarn... There's a lot of beauty in a rocky beach! :) (just hard to walk barefoot across the beach!)

As we here in the west are enjoying our fairly mild fall/early winter weather, my mind is continually wandering to those of you on the east coast and the mess of weather and nastiness that you're dealing with.  I can only hope that you all get through the mess without undue hardship.  


  1. Gorgeous photos Terrie! I love those two pieces of found art. What treasures to stumble upon! xx

  2. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Great public art, always a gift to find. Weather warming up here over the weekend, still so many without power in NY and NJ, it will be a blessing since it's been cold... xox

  3. Thank-you for sharing your gorgeous photos again Terrie, they never fail to make me smile sweetie. I love the fish carving, stunning, how lucky for you to find it.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  4. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Wow! Thanks for sharing the discovered beach art. I absolutely love the path covered with leaves as well :).
    Stay inspired!

  5. those are wonderful beach art surprises! do you know the artist Andy Goldsworthy? I saw a documentary about him called "rivers and tides" (on netflix) and I was thoroughly enchanted. he does amazing sculptures with natural materials, most of which are completely ephemeral. it's fascinating to see how many hours he puts into these gorgeous works of art that will be washed away by the tide. It resonated with me because I'm rarely attached to the outcome of my work. The joy is in the creating. once I'm done I can walk away, (or mail it out!) and come back and make more tomorrow.

  6. Love the art pieces! The closest "beaches" we have here are on the shores of Lake Superior and that is where you can find all kinds of cool rocks. What a beautiful area. :)

  7. Poor Dan lonely person... but it made a beautiful photo... and that path and steps covered in leaves was amazing... stunning shots
    T xx

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  10. www.art-a-float.com

  11. www.art-a-float.com


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