aedmlogoredMy creativity took a different turn today.  I needed to come up with some quick, easy, cheap fall centerpiece ideas for my decorating website.  (In case you don't know, I have another website full of home decorating advice and ideas: YourDecoratingHotline.com)

Last weekend Dan and I went walking in Lincoln Park (a huge park in West Seattle) and I picked up a huge hand full of these giant maple leaves - they're probably 8-12" wide.

These are some pretty hearty, tough leaves so I wondered if I could sew them into a garland on my machine.  Now that I have it out to sew paper, I think of using it more often (though the needle is going to get dull pretty quickly!). Here's my sewn leaf garland.....

I did have a little trouble with the leaves tearing as I tried to stitch over some of the thicker veins, but once it's hung, you can't see any of that.  Linking this to Leah's list of busy creators over at CreativeEveryDay.

If you want to read about and see my other centerpiece ideas, I hope you'll visit Your Decorating Hotline - the article will publish Wednesday.

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  1. Great idea! They look beautiful on your mantle.

  2. Awesome swag, never would have thought of sewing leaves together like that! Beautiful! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. that is simply stunning... I would never have thought of that and it is so simple yet wonderfully seasonal... you are a clever chicky....xx

  4. very clever indeed!! you are just full of new ideas and grand surprises!!

  5. Anonymous1:27 PM

    What a great idea. How did they do when they dried? I'll be sure to follow your link to your other centerpiece ideas.

  6. The garland looks great Terrie...clever Idea.

  7. Anonymous2:58 PM

    How fun is that!!!! Great idea Terrie. Some of pur oak leaves are the size of my head!!! LOL xox

  8. The maple leaves, are a delightful decoration!! :]
    Such a creative idea, Terrie.

  9. Love the leaf garland. You're making great use of that sewing machine. So glad you brought it out! xx


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