AEDM #10-12

An update for AEDM - check in with Leah at Creative Every Day to catch up on what others are doing.... Saturday I spent the day planted in front of my computer tagging, retagging, more tagging of photos. So, another digital creation.  Since it's the season of gratitude, thought I'd go that direction....

My photo of a yucca plant bloom, plus a couple of blurry bokeh pics as part of the background, some digital scrapbooking elements and my first digi art journal page is created..... :)

A different kind of creativity:  I thought it time to embrace fall more completely, so I moved out my summery candles and sea glass and created a fall display on my sideboard.

I added my wrapped rocks, some wrapped sticks and beach finds to my candle plate and a few silk leaves for bold color.  That's about as much fall decor as I put out because I'm really all about Christmas.....fall is just a holding pattern til the day after Thanksgiving when I can pull out my bins of Christmas decorations! :)

For day 12, I finished my companion piece to the book I won from Fiona.  I'm really pleased with the result of this - I focused on creating layers and trying to forget about the layers I was covering up, just enjoying what was on top.

Before and after (obviously shot at different times of the day):

The brush was a yard sale find with stone disks and bone handle, don't know what kind of hair in the brush, but it's very cool.  Fiona's long narrow book is such a delight of pattern and texture that I wanted something to complement it.....
So, I used similar elements: color palette, black lines, etc. but I added a little teal ... well, because I like the color! :)  There's a button and the circles are from the baby wipe I used when smooshing around the paint, so it's in the exact same tones....I just found interesting patterns on the dried wipe.  Such a great fabric texture.

Keeping my focus and making time to create every day is a challenge this month, but I'm game. Still plugging along!  What path did your creativity lead you down today?


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I love your accompanying pieces!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Wow, nice displays, your art and the collections. Raku piece is lovely too! xox

  3. What a wall display you've created! Your piece ties all the elements together! Wow!

  4. Lovely fall sideboard! And beautiful arrangement that compliments your wonderful gift. :)

  5. Very beautiful, Terrie! :]
    REALLY enjoyed looking over your wall & table display.
    A very lovely tribute to Fall. ~xx

  6. Your piece is just stunning Terrie! A perfect companion to the others. xx

  7. oh wow, Terrie, your companion piece is wonderful (and that brush is sooo cool). What a lovely trio they make.

  8. that is a stunning collection... those textures are really special... I think you should do a lot more work like this... it is so full of depth... and the colours are beautiful...xx


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