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I've been MIA for the last couple weeks due primarily to computer issues. And holiday activities. During that time I've received some deLIGHTful mail......

A postcard from Bonnie (via MMSA) @ Postmuse.com and a beautiful card with a sweet note from my friend Lorinda.

Then I received these gorgeous envelopes filled with little goodies - Carroll in Vermont sent the top one with a bookmark as a thank you for receiving my tape journal in the MMSA swap and the floral one from K Brennan, Canada, just because.

Beautiful handmade postcards arrived from Stacy (via MMSA) in ME and my friend and inspiring creative soul Corrine.

Next up are a postcard from Andria in PA (a new MMSA buddy) and Carlene Taylor Simmons in TN.  The washi tape layered silhouette and the stitched layer with cutout boxes are SO clever!

Last, but certainly not least, I want to give a huge thank you to Judith (in VA) for her duct tape journal - another fabulous swap organized by Karen for MMSA (mail me some art)!  I can't adequately describe what a delight this little journal is....filled with the perfect mix of blank pages for me to fill and decorated pages to inspire me.  On pages she decorated she often included a little piece of lined paper making room for me to add a snippet of a thought or a quote.  I like the way that on many of the pages she included a little typewritten thought provoking comment like "Something you feel will find its own form."  I'll treasure this journal and will enjoy making more for myself and as gifts ......
The cover of Judith's journal.

One of the 2-page spreads.... Each of those stripes are pieced individually and the blank page leaves room for me to be creative too.  Thanks again Judith!

Even though I haven't been posting, I have been doing some creating so I'll add what I've been working on soon.  Acknowledging all this mailbox joy was more important!


  1. HIP, HIP... HOORAY!
    Love "MAIL - ART"...
    Great to share, love to see... THANKS for the inspiration. ~xx

  2. what a happy mailbox you're had lately.

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Great mail. I have been getting some too! Got to really get a mail art address book in order for 2013 my list has grown, bet yours has too! xox


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