inspiration deck

In the hubbub of holiday activities I'd totally forgotten about the inspiration deck swap I participated in (hosted by Jessica at InSearchOfDessert).  Then my newly shuffled deck showed up in the mail.  What a treat!  I LOVE this swap and ended up with some beautiful, inspiring, delightful mini art pieces!

I love that each is SO different and most are very different from anything I would think of. My plan (as of now anyway) is to make a little display box for them so I can keep them on my desk and each week pull out a new card to inspire my week's creativity.  As I pull a new one each week I'll share it in more detail here.  For now, I'm in the process of sending each of you a heartfelt personal thank you - and I can't wait til the next swap!

P.S. with Pinterest playing such an active role in the creative community and images being pinned right and left, I decided it was time to start claiming my images so am going to try to remember to add my name to everything I post.  Key word: try. :)


  1. Wonderful deck, I can tell. That must have been an incredible swap. I'm glad it wasn't me. I've never hosted anything that big before.

    I should probably start marking my stuff, too, but I doubt anyone would want a photo of anything I made, anyway.

  2. They look amazing... I am thinking I need to be part of this if it is run again next year... looks like It is a great project and will inspire you all year next year....xx

  3. Wowee they look fabulous!! So glad to see my wee owl in among that pack of creative talent! I can't wait until I receive mine :)

  4. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Nice idea about a box and pulling a card each week. I keep looking at my atack and thinking about how I might use them next yer. xox

  5. Hi Terrie! Thank you for your inspiration card! Lovely to connect with you in that way! xxx

  6. Wow, your deck looks fantastic!! Now I'm SUPER excited for mine to arrive!


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