Fiona, the hostess of A Letter A Week, is putting out a call to everyone to test the waters for people interested in participating next year.  By creating a letter a week, you end up with two completed alphabets over the course of the year - will they be in book form, hanging from a branch, a suncatcher, a quilt or framed for your wall?   Use your own skills/interests to pursue what interests you.

This year was the third year and my first in participating.  It's a very low key ongoing project filled with some creative ways to make/illustrate/create the alphabet.  Fiona provides a landing place to share your project and progress but with no weekly check ins or anything....you're on your own!

If the idea appeals to you, be sure to visit her site and read about it then let her know you're interested.

You may remember my first alphabet of Zentangled tiles assembled in an accordion book kept in a box.  My second (still in progress) alphabet combines my love of photography and my attempt at hand lettering and will also be in some sort of book form.  I'll be continuing whether Fiona hosts or not because I find it interesting to find ways to make an alphabet interesting and I've only begun to explore my many ideas.

How about you?  Interested?  Try it; you'll like it!


  1. Your calligraphy skills are amazing, and that zentangle accordion book is phenomenal. I was so impressed with how you tied each letter to the next tangle.

    I am going to look into this project, especially if I don't have to draw anything. Thanks for the inspiration and link.

  2. Anonymous3:33 AM

    i'll watch you, but I do love what you are doing. I had to take a calligraphy class in college, many many many moons ago and I hated it then and not much has changed. I do admire your work though, just not mine,, LOL. xox

  3. I absolutely loved your first one...
    Can not wait to see the finished alphabet, of the second one, you are working on. Beautiful calligraphy,Terrie. :]

  4. Gorgeous alphabet, I look forward to seeing your second one!


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