inspiration deck

A little while ago I showed pics of the inspiration deck I received from the swap hosted by Jess at In Search of Dessert.  Now I needed a place to keep them handy and enjoy a new card each week.  I've taken to saving every small box of every size cuz you never know when you're going to need to decorate a small box, right?!  What do you know, I have two jewelry gift boxes that were the perfect ATC/inspiration deck size!

I'll keep one on my desk next to my computer to keep me creatively motivated......

Choosing the next card in the box each week to inspire me - don't they just fit beautifully?

I even have a place holder thanks to my swap with April Cole (thanks!) - reminding me to 'bravely make her believe'!

Since I had two of the boxes, I decorated the other and it will be the home of my ATC card collection (now only two from Jessica Sporn) that will grow this year as I participate in swaps.....  I'd been avoiding ATCs for some reason....now I can see how versatile and fun they are to make so I'm in.....I'll use it as my art warm up activity!

Let me know if you want to swap ATCs - I'm busy making a supply so I'll be ready to trade.  I'll share some pics soon.
[ED:  Already I'm forgetting to put my name on the photos so I made myself delete and reload all the photos - if I do that enough, eventually I'll make it a habit, right?]


  1. Hi Terrie, your boxes are great! I save boxes, too - because you never know. . . .

  2. I love the boxes, there's just something about a box isn't there? I mean even as kids we like to play in them! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Anonymous3:34 PM

    So you did make the boxes, good for you. Sweet way to display your daily dose of inspiration.....xox

  4. I love what you did with your boxes. they are works of art all by themselves, and then they hold such treasures!

  5. The boxes are a great idea! Will have to dig through my stash for something to pretty up. Yours turned out beautifully! Let's talk ATCs in the new year! xoxo

    Really like your creative boxes! :]
    Simply masterpieces, you are very creative Terrie.
    Thank you for sharing your art & the inspiration it carries. ~xx

  7. Finally catching up with all your holiday goings on... that deck is fab and the box is perfect... and I loved the photo of you and your gorgeous boys in the last post... and the decorations were amazing... you were busy while I was lying around the pool doing as little as possible!!!
    Belated happy new Year Terrie... love to you
    T xx


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