zentangle: left hand #56

I missed the last couple Zentangle prompts, so was feeling the need to get out pen and paper again.  This week's challenge from Laura was to use our non-dominant hand (left hand for me) and tangle away.  Well, it was definitely hard and I discovered I do straight lines MUCH better than curvy.  In case you can't tell, the top one is my left handed tangling and the lower one I did the normal way to restore my confidence! :)

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  1. well done. I can't imagine trying to zentangle with my left hand. I can barely pick up a pen with my left hand. what a great challenge!

  2. wow the zectangles with your left hand are amazing and so brave to attempt.
    The other one is fabulous as is all your zectangle patterns. Enjoy the weekend. Lets hope the challenge next time isn't with your feet......lol Annette x

  3. Glad you have a go on this challenge. It was bit fun to try and feel out of comfort zone. Really good work with using your non-domination hand. Well done!

  4. Nice job - below are some thoughts - before i go exploring your blog and links - such fun!

    We can do more than we think with our left hands. Just have to think it through and then practice. I picked up the pen in my left hand and then had to pick up another pen in my right to see how I actually hold a pen.

    Think I'll have asian food for dinner and see if I can eat with chopsticks in my left hand - Oh wait a minute maybe I should start easy and try to eat from a spoon in my left hand. A fork might be to dangerous.

  5. Congratulations on a great job! I am absolutely useless with my left hand, despite being left handed when I was child. (Apparently I just switched one day much to the sadness of my left handed aunt.) So interesting that you're able to do straight lines better than curves...

  6. I think they both look great...your non dominant one has a few wiggly lines..but I imagine we all had a bit of that! I had the most trouble with circles...they were all wobbly and straight lines were a bit easier. Great job!


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