lettering class practice

Still working on my Lettering Love class with Joanne Sharpe.  Another thing that requires practice, practice, practice.  You see, I'm thinkin' this.  I have opened many avenues so far this year that really stretch me:  ALAW (create a letter a week), Lettering Love to develop create lettering techniques, BOD (book of days art journaling), whimsical drawing from my 52 Lab book, PAF and Texture Tuesday for photo texture play, as well as continuing with zentangles and collage efforts started last year.

I'm a novice at every one of these endeavors.  BUT, the advantage of trying so many things (in my eyes) is that if I get bored with lettering or frustrated with my progress, I can switch to art journaling or zentangles.  I love that I have options.  It may take me longer to get proficient at any of the methods, but that's okay.....it's more fun along the way.  Plus, you guys won't get tired of seeing me post the same things over and over. Right? :)

So here are my recent lettering practice runs.....

From lesson 5, drawing wavy lines, filling from top to bottom with lettering and painting in (I used my watercolor pencils & water pen).

This is my first attempt from lesson 11, abstracted - working from my name (do you see it hidden in there?). I kinda like this process so will try it again with a little more of a plan next time. Seems like it would lend itself to zentangle principles.........


  1. WOW Your lettering is wonderful. I just started the class. It's so much fun.

  2. Hee hee...here's another arty thing we both like doing! I've always loved playing with letters! Your blog is my inspiration at the end of every week, I love all the creative things you do xx

  3. There is too much variety in the creative process to leave anything untried. Your letters are great, I like the colors you used.


  4. so true - there is always something else to try! I never ever get bored or blocked because I can move on to something else I love to do! really like your lettering. - Karen

  5. wonderful examples of this lettering....I too am in this workshop...love what you are doing here.

  6. These are great Terrie! I'm the same way. I love to play with a little bit of everything. Whatever inspires me at that particular time and in that particular mood. Definitely more fun and interesting.

  7. Yes! I love trying new techniques, too.
    It's wonderful all the things you are trying
    (and succeeding at).
    Terrific lettering.
    Thanks for the link to the class you are taking.


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