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My latest collage effort has been satisfying. I love it when a plan comes together! :) Though this piece evolved away from my original concept (started last year), I really like how it came together....

Here's the process (on a 12x12 canvas):

I was thinking something with stripes - the dark rusty brown is actually over Golden fiber paste for a very textured stripe.

Oops - a little glare...

I like that the stripes still peek through depending on the light.  I made the butterflies with PSE layering type, color, etc then cut out and collaged in place.

Finished piece in a vignette.  This will be making an appearance in my ETSY shop today - plus I've added a bunch of new photos....  Hope you all have a creative, productive weekend!  I'll be sharing this with other creative types on Artists in Blogland.


  1. It's lovely and thanks for sharing the process. Fiber paste sounds interesting. The layers and texture really make it.

  2. nice piece and always fun to see the layers build up from start to finish. I'm drawn to the 12x12 size and I finally realized it's because it reminds me of album covers. I only miss LPs when I think about cover art.

  3. Wonderful layered piece of art. Enjoy the weekend, x

  4. This is beautiful Terrie! I was so glad to see it in your Etsy shop! I sure wish you could be in my Creative Collage course with me--what fun that would be :-)

  5. Beautiful colour and I love the layers and complexity.

  6. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Fantastic Terrie, love fiber paste too, it shows to really nice effect here in your page. xox Corrine

  7. I learn something new every day, never heard of fiber paste, but it really makes your pieces pop, love all the colors and the stripes are very effective.


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