texture tuesday: anything goes

Kim at Kim Klassen's Cafe is leaving this week's Texture Tuesday (tomorrow) wide open - just use at least one of her free textures.  This group makes THE most gorgeous, soft, romantic, elegant images filled with beautiful flowers and scenery.  I usually comply.  This week I'm a rebel!  I had the idea of beginning with one of my collages, adding a texture and going from there.  What I came up with surprised me and I think I've found a new tool to inspire painting/journal entries:

(ED:  Ooops - as I went to link up, I discovered I apparently missed a week and this week's theme was to use her texture Felicity.....last week was free and easy.  Oh well, hope you guys don't mind....  Next week's theme is to focus around the color white & texture.  I'll remember, promise!)

My original images:
Some paint and collage of magazine pages.

The gazing ball in our yard covered with frost and shadows.

Kim's texture Ugg Love.  Mix and stir and blend them all together and I came up with this:

I flattened my art and the texture to make a new 'texture' layer then applied it to the gazing ball at difference 85%, duplicated that layer again and used vivid light blending mode at 90%.  One of the best things about textures and blending is the vast variety of results - it's such a great way to explore color combinations.  I also tried these:

Look what happens when you distort one of the textures layers, offsetting the collage elements.

As you can see, the options are endless and just like with actual painting, the trick is knowing when to stop!  Here's to a week of experimenting for all of us!  Be sure to stop by Kim's and check out all the pretty and inspiring images.

Okay, here's one pretty one for those of you that made it this far:

I used two textures, Light Paper and If Only then erased most of each over the middle of the flower leaving only the edge details.  FUN!
Also linking to Creative Every Day - I often forget to link to this each week, but it's a great resource to follow some really creative ladies.


  1. I love your first one alot, although each are neat in their own way. I love the fact that nothing within art/photography seems to intimidate you. Very inspiring. :)

  2. These are all really fantastic Terrie. I'm always so impressed with your Texture creations.

    In other wonderful news, your package finally arrived!! Three gorgeous pictures for my kitchen/dining room. I definitely need new mats to highlight their loveliness! xx

  3. I couldn't resist and put your prints in my frames, bad mats and all. Pics and a post are on my blog :-)

  4. I wish I could make digital photos like you. Your talent shines! I love what you do with your camera, photos, and a few textures. Great art.

    BTW, if you make the trip to Hobby Lobby, be sure to stop by hobbylobby.com before you go to print out their latest coupon. Each week they have a 40% off coupon that is good for one week only. You can find it in their weekly sales brochure which is a link at the top of the page. I'm only telling you that because I had to hunt for it the first time I went to their site.

    Thanks for your visit today, too. You are right about the paint, but that extra 20% off the entire bill made it sooooooooo much more attractive to me (grin).

  5. Terrie, your "pretty" photo IS. And loved seeing all the different variations/permeatations on your collage combined w/photo and textures (not to mention layers! :) But absolutely LOVE the final(?) v6 rendition. So. Rich. Yum!

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Wow, such fabulous work, love the burst of color.

  7. I'm so impressed with your digital art. The color combinations you've come up with are breathtaking... your final piece with the distorted texture layer is my favorite. It is well balanced, beautiful, and interesting!

  8. fun fun fun!!! I think I like your blues and greens - the big one at the end, best :)

  9. wow! very creative and unique! may favorites are the last two collages, love the colors in them.
    p.s. i once made the same mistake about the week's theme : )

  10. Very creative, Terrie. I like the various results you ended up with. The colors change depending on which blend mode and that's what makes it interesting.


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