slice of life: what matters

I was lucky enough to win a place in Darrah Parker's Slice of Life photo class and the first assignment focuses on the why of taking photos - the emotional connection.  We're to find and record things in our home that have meaning to us......here are a few of mine:

Probably one of THE most favorite things in my home is this wall of inexpensive Ikea bookcases.  I jazzed up the plain jane bookcases by adding lighting and covering the backs of the lit shelves with a green textured rice paper. The frame might be inexpensive, but what it holds is priceless.  Just a few of the fave things here are the wood bowl from Tahiti and next to it a couple of Chinese figurines that belonged to my mom, leaning behind the rock collection is a poem Dan's mom wrote about him that's been hand written in calligraphy (makes me tear up every time I read it!), my collection of blue vases, some art glass, and of course, my books.  Love my books!

I just LOVE this amythest that I gave to my husband a number of years ago for our anniversary.  Or was it for me?  Hmmmm......

A portion of my blue vase collection.
This large raku vase gives me pleasure every day - the colors and texture are exquisite and behind it is one of a series of photos from a European trip - great memories.

I recently bought some orchids for the kitchen window and I enjoy them every day as I stand by the sink - unfortunately the gray Seattle days didn't give me perfect light today, but the flowers are no less pretty.

I collect wine glasses and these two were a gift from my husband - picked up on a business trip and a reminder that he thinks of me all the time!  They are just the coolest!  (still experimenting with my lightbox and fighting getting a whiter background - more practice required)

I have a few more sentimental favorites in upstairs rooms that I'll share another time.....


  1. Such a lovely wall of beautiful memories and treasures! Thanks so much for sharing Terrie xx

  2. Nice post. I love my books too and sure wish I had more bookshelves. Yours are wonderful and I love the way you have displayed things.

  3. What a thoughtful post. I bet you had fun with this, remembering and enjoying some of your favorite things.

  4. Terrie, those bookcases are wonderful, and oh, could I ever use them!!
    Love your photographs here.
    Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend!

  5. i have an ikea black square bookcase and it too is fulled with lots of my favorite things!!! thanks for sharing

  6. Great collection Terrie! I love having memories around me.

  7. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Bookcases hold our lives don't they? Stories to tell. Your raku piece is amazing as is that amethyst, wow. xox Corrine

  8. Terrie, your bookcase is wonderful. The amethyst is stunning.


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