lettering love: cutouts

Lesson 20 in my LetterLove online class (given by Joanne Sharpe) is about making random painted backgrounds both in my journal and on separate papers. Then, letter a word or phrase, cut it out and glue to a decorated journal page.  This wasn't one of my favorite lessons, but the exercise was interesting.  First, some of the decorative backgrounds I made using paints, collage, markers, oil pastels, stencils, brayer, etc.  These are all on bristol paper about 6x9".


I started out hating the background below - the colors were sagey greens and golds and browns and it was a muddy, blobby mess.  You can just barely see the greens peeking through after I covered it all up with a buff color and started over - now I really like it.
I cut words out of 3 of them and glued them on prepared backgrounds in my lettering journal (a strathmore sketching notebook).
 I really didn't like this background - it started with gluing down a book page and painting over it, but it was too muddy and unappealing for me.

This was my favorite result - using the map just sparked the travel word and it's certainly one of our favorite activities!  Also it seemed to make sense with this background - very tropical feeling.

This word would have been much prettier on a different background, but this is what I had and it's .... okay.

Even though Joanne's class is drawing to a close, the videos and lessons are staying up forever, so the class is available to start at any time - whenever it fits into your schedule.  It was great fun and inspirational and encouraging - got me to experiment with and work on improving my lettering options.  If that's something of interest to you, check out her class and the flickr group.


  1. Terrie, the pages are really cool. The first one is my fav. And thank you so much for subscribing my Blog.

  2. I think your pages are great..am liking all of your colour choices. I will check out the course..have a lovely weekend!

  3. These are wonderful Terrie, and it looks like they must have been lots of fun to make!
    I especially like the red one.
    So cheerful!
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Yummy Yummy map piece, I love it. Fun explorations, gleeful play. xox Corrine

  5. your pages are awesome!!! i am in that class as well & loving every minute of it!! i am waiting for supplies to arrive so i can actually DO some of the lessons!!

  6. I love the Bold piece, maybe it will grow on you.

    PS, I saw you in my Etsy circle and checked out your shop too! I like your old rusty photos a lot, the subtle color splashes work so well in the old car!

  7. These look fantastic, Terrie!


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