ALAW for february

I'm having so much fun with my ALAW project.  I like that it doesn't move super fast and I have a month to get my 4 letters done.  I'm super impressed with the variety of other alphabets being developed by other participants and hope you'll take a minute to visit - you can join in any time!  Here's my set for February:

I continued my color palette progression paint splatters, my black wavy string connecting all squares and then filling each 3" square with a hand drawn alpha and some tangles.  I decided to back each tile with a solid color paper emphasizing the paint color and think that little 1/8" border helps enhance the color a lot.  I can't believe I was able to find scrapbook paper just the right colors!  And it was on sale!


  1. Lovely lettering! I was thinking of taking this class to improve my lettering in art projects. Looks like you're enjoying it very much.

  2. Great letters and I agree that the colored border sets them off beautifully. Just like a perfect frame.


  3. Oh this does look like fun....you have such a beautiful talent for developing these beautiful letters.

  4. These are all so fun! I may be partial to the g but they are all beautiful together as a series.

  5. So beautifully done Terrie. I have favorite parts in each of them! The colored borders are the perfect finishing touch.


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