week 22 for 365/2 (part 2)

May 26 - June 1

#149 - I went to Chelan to hang out with my best friend and art buddy last weekend.  We talked, ate, talked and ate some more.....oh, and managed a little crafty stuff in there too.  We like card making so tried a few new ones this time.  First I made a cascade card.  This isn't decorated or anything, I just wanted to make sure of the structure and see how it works. Made with 2 sheets of 8.5 x11" paper

#150 - This napkin-fold card is made from a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper though I discovered it was really too thick and the folds kept cracking/tearing.  But it's an easy and dramatic card. I think I'd make a little wrapper band of some kind to hold it together until it's opened.

The message goes there in the middle.  I think it could be an elegant card made a little smaller too.....

#151 - the last card I tried is called a waterfall card.  It's my favorite.  Though a bit fussy with lots of cutting of various parts, the end result is impressive.  Again, I just dashed through a sample to see how it all goes together.
The card is built on a 4.5 x 5" piece of cardstock that could then be glued to the front of a card, or it can BE the card and just sent this way.  The center squares are 2x2" and could have a stamped or drawn or painted image - I just did quick scribble sketches to get the idea.  The red dots peeking through underneath is where you pull to get the waterfall effect.  It's hard to show in photos, but here I go anyway......
 As you pull the tab, the pictures fall behind, showing the picture underneath.

It's pretty slick - here's a You Tube link if you're interested in trying it yourself.

So, I'm running a bit behind now because of that weekend of frivolity and relaxing, but I'm ready to get back on my artsy horse!  And I have the best motivation.....it's ICAD time.

Be sure to visit Tammy at Daisy Yellow for all the details, but the short version is:  do something creative every day in June and July (61 days) - use an index card to jump start that creativity.....doodle, paint, write, sketch, make a pattern,collage....whatever you want - just enough to fill an index card. Then share it if you'd like (we'd definitely like!) - on Tammy's site or in her Flickr or Facebook group.  She even offers daily prompts if you get stuck for a new direction to take.

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