week 23 for 365/2 (part 1)

June 2 - 8

#152 - I didn't finish my Documented Life last week, so here it is.....challenge is to draw/make/sketch a house.

#153 - my first couple of ICAD cards
#154 - more ICAD, 3 and 4

#155 -  ICAD (#5, 6) mail art (ala Lynn and Karen though not nearly as oddball - where DO they find the words?)

#156 - ICAD 7, 8

#157 -  Here's this week's DLP (Documented Life) pages.....challenge: show Gratitude.....I made a list, one of my fave things to do.  While it's certainly not complete, it's what I was grateful at that moment.

This weekend was sunny and delightful and I got to be out enjoying it.....planting flowers and relaxing.  I was so busy enjoying this first taste of summer that I'm one piece of art short this week.....I'll catch up.
Hope you had a beautiful weekend too!

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