Remember last week when I had a blank space in my 365 pics because I wanted to make sure the person receiving the art got it before she saw it here on the blog.  Now I can share.....

I've been part of a couple of really fun round robin swaps (organized by Leslie - thanks!) and I've enjoyed the challenge and 'pressure' to make something specifically for somebody else.  Leslie's chosen theme was a bit challenging for me and I stewed and fretted over how to make it interesting for her and yet fit my capabilities.

Here's what I finally sent - our RRAJP  (round robin art journal pages) are made of a piece of watercolor paper folded in half, creating a mini folio so we can bind all the contributions together.  I'll show you my bound, finished book soon.  The folded page size is about 5x7".

A barn door - I cut the door windows so you can peek into the center image.  Made w/ marker and inktense pencils then smooshed with my water brush.

I'm not the best artist, but at least you can recognize the animal, right?  See the lines on the left, through the sheep?  That's the cutout where the window opens.  Drawn with micron, painted with watercolors.

The back page is a collage of a "barnyard conversation".  Whew - another challenge met and enjoyed.  Thanks Leslie for organizing yet another round robin - they're SO much fun!

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