week 24 for 365/2 (part 1 &2)

June 9-15

Didn't quite get two posts done this week......but I kept up with my ICAD production and did some other little things, so here's a peek at my week:

#158 - This week's MMSA challenge is to create artistamps to swap.  I made mine using PSE and some of my artwork (the circles one) and digital scrapbooking elements on the other two (only one shown).  Be sure to check out MMSA as a simple way to fill your mailbox with something other than junk mail!

#159 & 160 - ICAD # 9 and 10 some pattern play with my inktense pencils while I watch TV

#161 & 162  - ICAD 11 and 12 the top is a table scrap collage and the bottom one is my first attempt at a one staple collage (ala Tammy - great, fun idea!) .... it's all held together with a single staple.

#163 & 164  - ICAD 13, 14:  a tile pattern from a magazine extended with inktense pencils and some doodling on the bottom card.

#165 - round robin art journal pages - this one I'm not going to share the photo til next week because I don't want to spoil the surprise for Leslie.....it's in the mail Leslie; let me know when you get it.  Her theme was farm animals and OMG I struggled with it.  As it turns out, I'm kinda pleased with how the pages turned out.....you'll see soon. :)

#166 & 167 -  ICAD 15 & 16:  stamping background and a gifted bird cutout that I "framed" so it would stand out; #16 is another TV doodle.....That's what my doodles should be called instead of zentangles or zendoodles as some people call them - mine are all TV doodles (you can guess why!)

Whew - I'm caught up and back on track.....hopefully this week I'll get back to regular daily progress.....
Have a fun, creative week!

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