week 26 for 365/2 (part 2)

June 23-29

#178 - ICAD #26, watercolor pencils & water brush, micron pen - some more pattern play

#179 - ICAD #27, paintbrush clean off on background, washi and white pen word scribble.  the white dots are acrylic paint on a pencil eraser (I saw the idea on Jane Davies videos....it's one of her fave techniques)

#180, 181 - ICAD #28 and 29 - paints, stamps, dots, oil pastels,...

My evenings are devoted to ICAD at this point......don't have the energy for much else (lots of overtime at work).  But today I've been productive - I got inspired to make LOTS of postcard backgrounds so can move into card production this week.

Hope you had a great weekend filled with whatever you enjoy doing!

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