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I have thousands of inspirational pictures pinned on Pinterest.  Sometimes it's my guilty relaxation.....watching TV, laptop perched on my lap, half my attention on the tube and half on Pinterest.  Before I know it, I barely know what I watched on TV and I've pinned tons of new inspiration pics.  That I have good intentions of referring to.....that I have intentions of trying out.....that I don't look at again for months!

So, tonight as I was trolling the site, I decided to revisit some of my boards.  Damn there's some great stuff there - so I'm sharing things I find inspiring.

From my "Stripes" art board:

Ice Dance by Linda O'Neill

Gunta Stolzl

Sirin Thada

Erin Ashley

Quilted art by Liz Kuny

Isn't it amazing what great art can be created with stripes.  I have even more cool images on my board.  Check it out.    I'll share more from another board soon.

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