week 22 for 365/2 (part 1)

I finally published the Blogger post from last week and I had to do it from work.  I wonder if some bug has infected my home computer - THAT would be BAD!  Until I figure it out I might have to write them at home and put the pics in (cuz they're all on my home computer), then come in and publish from work.  Yikes - I don't like the sound of that!

Enough belly aching......  here's my creative start for week 22:  May 26-June 1

#145 - I made a zine for the MMSA theme this week......kind of got it done right at the wire.  I used my gelli prints as background, doodled some leaves and added a little quote.

#146 -  more MMSA - working ahead, the theme is red/black/white for these postcards.

#147 - more MMSA
Okay - I think I might have found the problem with Blogger - or at least partly.  Hopefully this will publish with minimal problems!

On another note - I have a stack of frames in various sizes picked up at thrift shops, yard sales, etc.  I finally decided to frame a couple of my newer pieces.  I have a wall in the upstairs hall that I use to feature my art - you know stuff looks really SO much better framed and shown with other art - it gives it cache!  Here's my wall now:
A little collage, some photography, some watercolor, some mixed media pieces, some digital manipulation.

Isn't it amazing how a mat, frame and grouping make each piece a little more important?  I love my wall. And as I make new, more accomplished pieces, I move them in and the old stuff out!

Do you hang your art?

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