week 18 for 365/2 (part 1)

April 28 - May 4

#118 - I found this fun, quick project on Pinterest (here's her tutorial) and I wanted to make a prototype to see how it would work - I'm thinking I might use something like this to save mail art postcards.....or it could be good for a travel journal addition to keep tickets and ephemera with maybe notes about the day written on the front, or in a small version, it could be a fun birthday card...... Obviously any size envelope would work - it's a simple process of gluing the envelope flap to the back of each preceding envelope so that all the glued flaps are on one side (the back) and the open pockets on the other, then folding it accordion style.

I used distress spray and stamps, a stencil and washi to decorate the backs (below) and collaged text on the front but then decided it was too busy so softened it with gesso.  Then I decorated just the pocket edges so they stood out more.  This would be a fun project with kids.

#119 - finally did last week's Documented Life page - it was a drawing challenge and that's not my forte` so I procrastinated.  The challenge was to draw (or photo) your fave shoes.....

I bought these cute smooshy floral ballet flats for spring but haven't had a chance to wear them much yet - but the Sketcher Go Walk shoes have to be the most comfy shoes in the world! I'd have a pair in every color if I could!

#120 - started work on a new canvas - it's 12x12" and I have an idea of the kind of smooshy background I want and even have a composition in mind.  But, when I added this gear stencil I don't like it.....so more layers to come....

Here's a heads up - Tammy has started posting reminders that ICAD time is coming up before we know it.  This will be my third year of playing and I highly recommend you join the fun.  Create as much as you can for June and July - each day on a index card!  Easy, right?  Quick, right? Non-threatening, right?

Here's my stack of 2 years of daily summer ICAD....

See, I've even bought my package of index cards so I'm ready to go!


  1. that envelope booklet is very cool … i may have to make one for myself. Thanks for the reminder about ICAD. I did it last year and it was so much fun!!

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Great project that you tried out, so sweet. I LOVE things with hidden pockets. Hmmm, maybe time to make something.....xox

  3. Thank you for that envie accordion book...GREAT idea, and can be any size envies. LOVE your cute shoes...and SO well drawn. Terrie...you are the bomb!

  4. I made that envelope book one time but decorated the envies first, so the flap totally didn't blend in with the envelope it was glued to. Doh! Need to make a few cause they're good for all sorts of things.

    I may try ICAD again but with a color theme or something specific going on so that I can use them later in mail art or journaling. I was all over the board the first time I did it and didn't like most of the cards.

    I kinda like the gear board. Be curious to see where it goes from here.

  5. Love that book idea, thanks for sharing. The travel idea sounds perfect! looking forward to ICAD too!

    1. And always, always, always love a floral shoe! :-)

  6. Love the envelope book, may have to give that a try out and thank you for mentioning your comfy sketcher shoes because on your recommendation I tried some on this morning and really didn't want to take them off again so bought two pairs!! LOL


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