week 19 for 365/2 (part 2)

May 5-11:  continuing with collage focus this week; inspired by Randel Plowman's style and book, The Collage Workbook, lesson 9: squares & rectangles.  I decided to pull out my scrap bins (full of all those little pieces I can't quite throw away!) that I sort by warm, cool, and neutral colors.  The couple of collages I made earlier in the week were from the neutral box; these are obviously from the color boxes!

#128 - warm colors; about 7x8" on cardboard

#129 - cool colors; about 7x8" on cardboard

#130 - pink!  (lots and lots of pink! - pics from a seed catalog); about 7x8" on cardboard

#131 - mail art.  4x6"......sometimes simple is better!

Do you have a fave?

As I read all my favorite blogs each week, I continue to find myself inspired and motivated by all the creative activity out there - from gelli prints to paint exploration to tags/ATC cards - whimsical, representational, abstract - I love it all!  You guys are an amazing community and I'm so happy to be a part of it.  Hopefully every once in awhile you'll get a creative nudge or idea from me, just like I do from you!

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