week 20 for 365/2 (part 1)


#132 - this is my Documented Life for last week - didn't follow the theme which was RAK (random act of kindness) so just did a quick (boring) tissue collage background with a flap.

#133 & 134 - then I worked on this week's DLP (Documented Life Project):  use a rubber stamp in a new way.  Well, that's actually quite difficult, BUT I did something I've been meaning to try.....I made a stamp (#134) using foam core for the base and craft foam for the design.  I designed it specifically to make a repeating pattern (new for me!)
I got carried away with the size of it and made it too big - so I stamped it on a separate page and added it in so this became a multi flap page.

Other stamps I made using what's on hand like the round corn pads (from the foot care part of the grocery store) and little cork squares with sticky backs that separate sheets of glass for delivery (from work).  I may have to up my stamp designing game and try some words or something (note to self - must remember to write it backwards!).

Have a happy, creative, spring filled week!

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