week 21 for 365/2 (part 2)

Blogger has been really screwy the last couple weeks and today it's not letting me put a title to this post.....but onward I go, title-less!  Well, maybe.....I've been trying to publish for over an hour day and it won't let me - I can write and edit but it won't save and won't publish - ARGHHHH!

May 19-25 - the next installment of my 365 efforts......

#141 -still trying to figure out this painting...... added a few scribbles with oil pastels then covered the whole mess with a neutral layer then started adding again.  There's actually no blue cast to the background....it's a beige color.  (those are my fingerprints across the bottom)

#142 - playing with my spray inks - they've been sitting on a shelf for months and now I'm finding out how much fun they are....great effects!  Some tags to play.....

#143 -  art journal page.....hmmmm, don't like the spray ink through a stencil....a bit blurry.

#144 - Documented Life this week had the theme of "use embroidery floss", so I did - on one of my gelli prints w/ an image from an old Reader's Digest book.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you - Hope it's sunny where you are.  (it's not here in Seattle, overcast with chance of rain, but what's new?  - We're headed to a Mariners baseball game this afternoon so will have to dress warmly.)

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