instagram for AEDM #12

Thanks to the suggestions by Leslie, I've been able to take a couple instagram pics off my phone and share them here.  Woohoo!

A fall walk.

 Working on mail art.

Sent out a bag full of these little foam pumpkins through the mail to friends and family.  They all arrived with no damage and much surprise to the recipients.  My family had no idea you could send stuff like this through the mail 'naked'.


  1. Lovely photos, Terrie! WOW on the pumpkins reaching their destinations with no damage....I'll bet they made the postal workers smile too. :)

  2. I saw those pumpkins in your Instagram feed but didn't realize you'd mailed them. Too fun!

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Great fallen leaves shot and I love birdie! xox

  4. I've seen some pretty weird things mailed and sent a few, too, The PO has never rejected them. Glad your pumpkins made it to their intended recipients.

  5. what fun to mail those pumpkins! especially to the unsuspecting friends and family.

  6. so glad you jumped on the instagram bandwagon. i think you'll have great fun with it. so glad those pumpkins arrived safe and sound. amazing!! xx


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