365 in 2013: #287 - 293 AND AEDM

More collages as I move closer to 365.  And I'm contributing this to AEDM (art every day month).

#287 - Traversing Space - also going out as mail art...snippets of my painted papers, scrapbook paper and a postage stamp

#288 -  Regimented Blues   - a 6x6" cardboard backing covered with random strips.  I like this one....it's a fun way to use up stacks of scraps.

#289 -  Skinny  - A long narrow piece of watercolor paper (maybe 1" x 12") is the base for this collection of scraps from my table.

#290 - Bejeweled  - the large flower is from a napkin - other bits on blue cardstock.

#291 - Birdies on a Branch  - collage bits, washi tape and birds stamped on tissue paper.

#292 - Drifting Feather  - fence stamp, papers, feather and bird image from a book I picked up at the library sale.

#293 - A Bird's Life   - silk leaf, postage stamp, feather and bird image

You might notice a bit of a theme - fall and birds are in the air :)


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Oh yummy, each and every one. Skinny is so sweet. xox

  2. Gorgeous work Terrie and I'm with Corrine on loving the skinny one best tee hee. Thank-you sooooooooooooo much for the postcard sweetie, such a happy surprise.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  3. Wow, so many different collages. My favorite is #288, love the look of those strips together. Yummy!

  4. If I must choose...it's #291....I do hope some of these are going to the International Collage Exchange next year.

  5. Another great collection! I love Regimented Blues and Skinny. We're almost at 300!! xx

  6. Regimented Blues just made me say "OH WOW" out loud. I kid you not.


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