aedm #7

Today my creative efforts are directed back to my 365 collages.....

#302 - Offsides   - (looks like I need to clean my scanner, sorry for the blobs) - scrap papers.

#303 - Tweet  -  a layer of vintage papers, stamped tissue and postage stamps covered with tissue and topped off with a collaged bird from my painted papers (this postcard is flying out soon)

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  1. I love Tweet. It is so cute and clever. You create the most fun and original art from fodder.

  2. ohh how I love your work!
    I learn from you creativity

  3. Mmm, I like both of these a lot. The simplicity and composition of Offsides and the grunge and vintageness of Tweet.

  4. I'm enjoying your bird motifs and like the idea of adding postage stamps and pieces of letters. Always so creative!

  5. 365 collages? Wow. These are beautiful, especially the bird

  6. "Tweet" makes me smile! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely collages. :o)

  7. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Sweet tweet! xox

  8. lol - my scanner bed is always dirty and adding unexpected "texture" to the pictures of my art.
    of course my laptop screen is always dirty too, so I can't tell if the blobs on your postcards are actually part of the art, part of the photograph, or just the crud on my screen!
    but I digress...
    I've barely looked at a blog all week, and it's been fun to catch up on all your beautiful work!

  9. ha ha, your scanner looks like mine. love that piece though! the white space works so well. xx


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