365 in 2013 AND AEDM

Missed a couple days of Art Every Day Month, but caught up by making collages for my 365 all weekend.....

#310 - Mariner   - blue cardstock background and all the papers are from my stash of gifted papers - thanks ladies!

#311 - Sing Tweetly   - about 5x7" bits and pieces and painted music.

#312  -  Analyze This   - blue cardstock, gifted paper (on the left) and painted paper circles

#313  - Sweet Innocence   - painted book page, magazine images

#314  - Try These Colors   - random text scraps, stamped tissue paper, paint chip & painted colors

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  1. You get better and better Terrie. Am delighted to have some of your originals in my collection.

  2. I recognize some of those papers - some are my own, but some are the same ones sent to me by Lorinda. It's like bumping into a familiar face. I really love "Mariner".

  3. Yes. And that Purple! Lots of people are not brave enough to work in purple! Very nice.

  4. Beautiful collages. Thank you for sharing and happy creating!

  5. These are all so lovely. I don't know if I could stick to it for 365. Good on you. Oh an thanks for your lovely comment

  6. Thanks for dropping by. I am going to try your idea of collages with fabric every day. We will see if I get to 365!


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