365 in 2013 and AEDM

A few more collages and mail art for my creative endeavors:

#307 - Purple Koi  - light blue cardstock about 5x7, mix of papers from magazines, painted, gifted, etc.  I'm pleased with this one.....

#308 -  Whoa! - using up text scraps

#309 - Just for Grownups  - a map background, papers & text

Are you joining in for AEDM? Visit and wander through all the links to creativity for a few minutes.  It's a delight!


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Just for grownups eh, risque mail art. xox

  2. Love these and love your sense of humour

  3. especially love the koi…something very zen about it!

  4. Great collages! My favorite is the first one - very balanced and soothing.

  5. You always amaze me with your collages. So fun to see what you will put together next!

  6. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting postcards from you!! They are so much fun!!! Now, I gotta figure out how to do this digital collage you do for the backgrounds! I thought the background of this last (beautiful) stork postcard was scrapbook paper!! Too cool!!!!

  7. purple koi is fabulous! you SHOULD be pleased with it!! xx


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