AEDM #11 and collage

Two, two, two challenges in one - 365 collages and AEDM:

#306 - Chukar  - I picked up a bird guide at a thrift store and have been using the images everywhere. This is from the partridge family (ha!) with a map as its base.  A little mail art that's headed out soon.

I love visiting as many of you other participants as I can (though there are a LOT).  It's always inspiring.


  1. Ah! Two of my favorite things together! Maps and birds.

  2. I'm envious of that book you got at a thrift store. Why doesn't mine have something that neat? I love your collage.

  3. You know, Terrie, your collage actually does remind me of the series! gorgeous colours

  4. I really like this collage - so much colour and what a great bird!

  5. I need to pick up another one of them! But I probably won't want to cut it up either! I have one that I won't touch! Hahahaha! This is a beautiful collage!


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