time for something different

I love to make mixed media and collage pieces.  I love getting all gluey and painty; I love playing with the pieces and textures and layers of colorful goodness.  BUT

I also love my computer and all the creative goodness that can be created there.  I haven't taken the time to do any digi work or collages in forever.  I miss it.....and just like painting or sewing or any creative endeavor, if you don't do it regularly you forget the steps, forget the effects, forget the shortcuts.

So, as I'm sitting here halfway watching the world series, I thought I could multi task and see what I could create.  I have PSE 9 I think (it really has been awhile!) and tons of textures and photos that I've taken specifically with the idea that they'd be good for digital backgrounds or something. And, I'm a little rusty but here's a few results:

The above image started from the wintery picture below, duplicated,turned, a texture, some bk pages, a bit of scrapbook paper for background with all sorts of adjustments I can't possibly remember.

Then I started with a bare branches tree (those gray Seattle skies make great neutral backdrops)
and turned it into this:

Here's another one using the same tree branches, reversed and a sadly copied lamppost added.

FUN! Now I remember why I enjoy this so much......I'm still playing with color and texture and layers, it's just in a different format.  How do you find/make time to play on your computer?  Or do you only use the computer to read blogs?



  1. Hi Terry, I use it to read such wonderful blogs like yours - I am learning from blogs like yours and others - mostly sewing-related. The inspiration through internet is rewarding -

  2. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Love tree and brick wall, so colorful...And the first one, nice transparent layering. xox

  3. Love, love what happened to those tree branches!

  4. Like you, I play with my pictures, textures and Photoshop and of course I visit some wonderful blogs, full of inspiration. I really love the bare branches Terrie

  5. These look fabulous Terrie, I love the green leaves. You do some fabulous things with photos. I'm flat out just taking a photo let alone spinning them and changing them. The one with the lamp post is my favourite.
    Have a great day,

  6. So glad to see you playing with photos again Terrie. You are a Photoshop genius! love each and every one of these, particularly that yellowed, silhouetted sky. xx


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