Mail Art

Mail art is such a joy to receive and send.  It always makes me smile and I can only hope that what I send out also touches the recipient - whether by bringing a smile, or the knowledge that someone is thinking of them, or just to have a simple/goofy/arty piece of mail.

I have lots of personal folks that I exchange mail with but my absolute favorite way to swap mail with new folks is through MMSA - Karen (of I am Rushmore fame) hosts this weekly swap group and challenges us with themes to keep us moving.  The best part is you can send one piece of art or ten pieces - you get back however many you send her.  AND, you only participate in the swaps that interest you or that you have time to complete....no pressure.  Wait, the real BEST part is that you get lovely mail art in your mailbox from all over the country!

She's got her themes through the end of the year posted (we'll all be taking December off so we can focus on the holidays), so look through the list and see where you'd like to join in.  I promise, it's really fun.

Here's a few of the ones I've made for upcoming swaps (I like to do a few at a time and send ahead when I can).

Postcard using security envelopes:

Postcards in "brown"  (below on printed cork)

Above is two pressed fall leaves on a piece of mango veneer.  Hope it arrives in one piece!

I recently discovered Art Geeks (I can't remember which one of your helpful blogs pointed me there).  They also have a mail art swap group, but it's a monthly swap and a maximum of three pieces to trade.  Again, easy, no stress, plenty of time to make a couple of postcards.  Give it a try!  

I received these 3 envelopes in a monochromatic swap (my first) from Art Geeks.

A few other incoming mail pieces.  I just can't keep up with scanning all the incoming/outgoing, but it's fun to share once in awhile.  Viva Mail Art!


  1. "HOORAY!" for mail-art... always inspiring :]

    p.s. I am an **art geek** too! I adore the group of artists' there. ~xx

  2. I love this idea Terry. I'll look into it. I just made three pieces for the great big stitched postcard swap and loved doing it. Your leaves are really beautiful, but everything in this post is just lovely.

  3. you are such a prolific mail artist Terrie! you share so much of your beauty. thanks for sharing these fabulous pieces xoxo

  4. I just found this blog recently and thought of joining this. I thought the browns would be fun to do and seeing yours makes me really want to now. Those security envelope ones are AWESOME!!! The ones you received are beautiful, I love getting HAPPY MAIL!!
    The brown ones you did are pretty, especially that leaf one.
    Thanks for sharing and giving me that nudge to join this fun group.


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