365 in 2013: #260 - 270

Catching up on my collage making......

#260 - Studies in Green  - some gelli print, scraps, tissue, text all ended up for mail art

#261 -  The Eyes Have It  - kinda freaky I think but I had all these faces I didn't know what to do with. I opened my Randel Plowman book and turned to lesson #9, use squares and rectangles....so I did.

#262 - Let's Go Out!  - ticket mail art

#263 - Security Plaid  - made entirely of woven strips from security envelopes for MMSA swap.

#264 - Connections  - on printed cork w/ stamps and textured plastic stitched on, for MMSA brown mail art swap

#265 - Every Summer   - pieces cut from a watercolor painting ....another lesson 9 Plowman exercise in squares and rectangles which is one of my recent faves.

#266 - Dynamic Duo  - another squares and rectangles study

#267 - Incredible   - found text

#268 - Gifts in Silver  - I had a pretty good look going here with layers of stamped tissue over some vintage papers (gifted), then I decided to spritz the collage hoping for some splatter and got too much coverage.  So, I added more layers trying to salvage it -- the blue circles on the left are plastic game pieces (gifted).  Slightly redeemed.

#269 - My Pony  -  a 4x6" with book pages, text, a copy of an image from a book, stamped tissue, washi.

#270 - Five  - another Randel Plowman inspired collage using numbers and the background, middle ground, foreground technique he recommends.

What's your favorite of this bunch?  I have a stack of mail art to get in the mail so I'm off to write addresses and add stamps and get them in the mail.


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Oh that security envelope weaving really speaks to me, but they are all GREAT....Love your collage Terrie. xox

  2. I like several of these. The woven security envelopes is fun. Also really like Connections for the colors, Let's Go Out (love all the type) and My Pony for the color and subject. You're doing really well at these.

  3. ALL these are fabulous Terrie...just shows that practice makes perfect.

  4. I love "every summer" for it's simple shapes/dark background that let the beauty of your painted papers shine through. Love the depth of layers in "my pony" and "five".
    Can't wait to see those MMSA cards in person!

  5. These are terrific Terrie! :]
    Each collage stands on its own, unique in " style".


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