bumper crop

Dan and I aren't much for gardening.  I like to grow a few flowers....we have a couple of rose bushes and dahlia plants but we've not tried veggies of any kind.  This summer we tried a few tomato plants.  For a long time we were afraid we weren't going have any ripen enough to eat.  Then....

Yum!  Next year I might add a zucchini or two. :)


  1. I see some tomato sauce in your future...

  2. Pretty much nothin' beats home grown tomatoes. Add a couple basil plants next year. They're idiot-proof to grow and go well with all things tomato. And a couple pepper plants. I think we had 27 pepper plants this year, with about 15 varieties, hot to sweet. There's a lot of salsa and bruschetta in my freezer.

  3. **tomatoes**
    nothing tastes better than "garden fresh" tomatoes!!! :]

  4. good for you! That's quite the bounty. I've never had luck with tomatoes so am rather envious. you could add zucchini, and kale, and carrots, and spinach, and herbs... the possibilities are endless!


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