365 in 2013: #251 - #260

Oh my goodness I've fallen behind......I realized I've made collages and not kept up with the posting part (though I am still behind in overall collages too).  Since I've got about 20 to show, I'll split them into a couple of posts......let me know what you think....

#251 - Raindrops Keep Fallin'   - paint on tracing paper, circles, etc on white square

#252 - Smilin' Jack  - started with the scrap with circles cut & I thought it looked like a face, so I played with that.

#253 - untitled

#254 - Scrap Happy  - cleaning up my desk top with all the blue scraps I could find.

#255 -  Rising Moon   - using some red scraps on black.....about 5x7"

#256 - Delights Children  - a piece of mail art starting with a book page.

#257 - Fall Colors  - another piece of mail art with a book page, tissue paper, washi, stamps, etc.

#258 - Art Bits  - bits and pieces and stamped letters

#259 - Uprise  - mail art again w/ a book page, tissue, found text & image

Thanks for looking - hope you saw something you enjoyed or that inspired you.  I'm committed to finishing my 365 collages this year so I better get my little fanny in gear - I definitely don't want to hit the holidays and be behind in the count :)


  1. I really like "uprise" in particular.

  2. Terrie these are so much fun, what a brilliant way to use up those scraps and cuttings. I particularly love the Easter Island heads one, love those guys. I think I recognise the umbrella too tee hee.
    Huge hugs x

  3. Wow Terrie you have been busy. They are fantastic!
    There's so much to see I'm going to have to revisit to make sure I've seen everything.
    Sometimes I think I should stop blogging and actually get some artwork done.
    I hope you have a great week and I'll look forward to seeing the rest of your collage collection! ;D

  4. Wonderful stuff Terrie...LOVE Smilin' Jack.

  5. I was wondering if you'd fallen off the wagon. Glad to see you haven't. I think I like scrap happy best, but also really like the painty blue circles in raindrops. Untitled is cool too, I like the colors in it.

  6. I like scrap happy and smiling jack best. What an amazing commitment!

  7. Great collection Terrie! Looking forward to catching up on the rest. As always, I have three faves (who can ever pick just one?) and they all feature red tissue paper....#255, 257 and 259. Wonderful!! xx


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