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I just got my swaps for one of my favorite MMSA (mail me some art) swaps - the notched journal.  I sent in four and got four back - each one so different and yet all are gorgeous and colorful and filled with charm and originality.  Thanks ladies!

Four GREAT journals

lovely pages from Julie Taylor

a surprising and delightful journal by Judith Hollowood filled with elephants, elephants everywhere!

Leslie's journal is of paste paper - I love the torn page edges and the color combos.

the layers and range of colors in Christie's journal makes it so much fun to look through over and over

Really, if you haven't discovered MMSA yet or have been reluctant to try - please join in. The swaps are fun and it's so rewarding to share in the creativity flying around the country.  The best part?  There's no skill level requirement......whether it's your first ever postcard or you're an old hand at making art, your efforts are equally appreciated and valued.  So go ahead, make a postcard and join in!


  1. There's no doubt you are a 'Mail Art junkie' Terrie. Great stuff.

  2. Anonymous2:59 AM

    These notched journals were so fun, thanks for sharing that article, which I have kept to look over again. xox

  3. Won't it be difficult working on someone else's pages? I would be afraid to start, but also very tempted because they look delish! Specially the elephant themed book. Makes me want to do a themed journal for myself. :-)

  4. You received some wonderful treasures!


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