365 in 2013: #278 - 286

Back again for the final in the 'catch up' edition of my year in collages......

#278 - Windy City  - this is layered rice paper over watercolor and a couple of gelli print snippets

#279 - Duality   - another watercolor, rice paper and bits of gelli print

#280 -  Subtle Power   - a larger experiment (10x10") in watercolor and textured rice paper

#281 - 5x5   -  on 5x5" lavender cardstock

#282 - In Between   - magazine image, map, tissue papers, pattern pieces

#283 - Daydream   - scrapbook paper, stamped tissue papers, pattern paper, gift paper

#284 - End of Journey   - on a 5x8 cream cardstock background, gifted coral paper, gifted game card, circle handmade paper

#285 - Sweater Weather  - gifted painted papers, text, silk fall leaf

#286 - Enchanted Song  - advertising card, text from my vintage book, bird book image, stamped tissue

That wraps up another week of collages - any favorites?


  1. "In between" is my fave of the bunch. I also really like the effects of the watercolor with the rice paper layers.

  2. Love 'Sweater Weather' (is that a piece of my paper in there?)... and particularly 'Enchanted Song' which I'd swap for , if you wanted)

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    In between and daydream, sigh, sigh, sigh. xox

  4. Oh, Enchanted Song and Daydream are gorgeous! That's it, I'm inspired and heading to the offio!! xx

  5. I'm so glad I came by, love all these collages!! So hard to choose a favorite but the Sweater Weather caught my eye since I love FALL!! The next one would be Enchanted Song and the gift card one is so fun! Enjoyed looking at all these, had to do it 2x I enjoyed them so much.
    I have started making collages too and these inspire me to keep going. Will go take a peek at your past ones too. Thanks for sharing and inspiring and WAY TO GO!!

  6. I love your collage work, Terri. They're all gorgeous, but I think I like your bird collage the best in this set or maybe "Daydream" because of the beautiful colors. Thank you for visiting my blog recently! I'm glad you found me, so that I could find you -- we have similar interests in our artwork. I will join your blog and look for you on Flickr.


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