I don't have any of my art to share today, but I DO have an opportunity to share (no it's not Amway or Mary Kay).

Tracey Fletcher King is giving away 4 pieces of her original art in a drawing on Thursday. Head on over and leave a quick comment for a chance to win.  And if you aren't a regular visitor, take a moment to read a couple of her posts and you'll be captivated and certain to join the legions that start their days with a dose of her humor.

   art by Tracey Fletcher King

My computer crashed over the weekend and I had to buy a replacement (ugh!) and am still trying to get the email to work, working on reloading programs and resetting all my defaults.  And my photos....ah, the photos.  Luckily I had backed up right after our recent trip, so didn't lose any.  BUT, I had to reload PSE and start anew with my tags, etc.  That might not sound like a lot but I have about 20,000 photos, all with multiple tags and now my whole tag tree is gone.  And it was a BIG tree! :)  It's going to take for freakin' ever to get that restored......like I have nothing but time, right?  Enough of that - at least I'm able to replace the computer....lots of folks wouldn't be able to do that!

So all my computer time is at lunch or break at work for the next little bit - so if it seems I've dropped off the face of the earth, I haven't....I'm just busy restoring.  And trying to keep up with all you who are still busy creating.


  1. thanks for the shout out Terrie and I am nursing my computer along day by day and being sooo nice to it in the hope I won't have to go through all that ... the dreaded computer changeover is a nightmare... you have my sympathies... xx

  2. Oh no! I am so glad you had backed up all your stuff. Computer ailments and deaths are upsetting to me, who doesn't understand them but loves them so.
    I am heading over to Traci's blog. For some reason her blogs come to me way late so that I have been missing them sometimes. Grrr! Glad you have a new computer. Hope you can figure out all your photos. When I switched from MS to a Mac--my system was lost and it's never been the same. I have adjusted. ;) Good luck!!

  3. Sorry to hear your computer is ailing, but so happy to hear it is not you! Hope you get everything back the way you want it soon.

  4. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Isn't it amazing how many photos we have today. At least they were not lost heaven forbid. Thanks for the heads up on Tracy Fletcher King's giveaway. Wishing you good computer mojo. xox

  5. Beautiful journal (below) and how horrible with a computer crash. Next time take a back up of the photos you've tagged so you save those too, they should be attached to the jpg-files, not left in a special editing program! :-)

  6. Well, I'm glad you're getting set up on a shiny new computer but oh, so much work!!! Your 20,000 gorgeous photos are definitely worth it my friend. xx


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