jewelry mania

My best friend stayed with me last weekend and we planned a jewelry making marathon.  We took jewelry classes together years and years ago and have tons of supplies but haven't really done much with those supplies in a long time.  Last time we spent the weekend together it was at her house in Chelan and we spent the weekend making our Christmas cards.  This weekend - jewelry.

I'm working on the turquoise necklace and she's over there working on her green one - notice out the back door, it's light....mid-afternoon I think.

Hours later, we've finished and moved on and I'm trying to figure out my next necklace....notice the back door - dark!  And we're still creating!

We spent one day visiting, planning and shopping for a few findings and miscellaneous supplies and the next day creating. We both already had most all the beads we needed.  C made the 2 necklaces on the left and the crocheted bracelet. Isn't that cool?  The bracelet had been done for a long time but needed a clasp, so she finished that up and had a gorgeous bracelet done.  Making my turquoise necklace was my goal for the whole weekend.  I've had these chunks for over 30 years; they were a gift that I wanted to remake in my style.  I was able to make both the necklace and bracelet - had just enough turquoise. The earrings were my first ever earrings (pretty simple design but they go well with the pieces).

We had a blast, we brainstormed and problem solved like crazy. We were both a little rusty in our jewelry-making skills, so made stuff up as we went along. There might be a more 'right' way, or easier way, but we just figured out what worked and made it that way!  Why can't I apply that same attitude to my art?


  1. What fun, Terrie!!
    Spending time with a good friend & "arting"... priceless memories. :]
    Love your jewelry.
    Both of you, created some wonderful works of art here!!
    I myself, find the art of jewelry making, to be very relaxing.
    Thank you for sharing. ~xx

  2. Anonymous2:21 AM

    I love it that you got so lost in your creative making that day turned to night. Wonderful to have a friend like that to spend a whole day playing with! lovely work that you will wear remembering the time you two spent together! Doesn't get much better than thst. xox

  3. Beautiful jewellery Terrie, its amazing how time flies when you are deep in concentration. Annette x

  4. Beautiful pieces! It's easy to lose track of time when you are having such fun and creating such amazing pieces!

  5. wow, y'all made some beautiful pieces, I took a momment to drool over all the beads and such, would love to have y'alls stash! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. Fabulous pieces!! And sounds like such a fabulous time together. You have the most lovely art dates. You've also made me feel better about starting my Christmas cards this week. Of course, I'm making them overly complicated (aka each one unique) so it's really best I start now... A re-occurrence of the card-deck swap for sure!! xx

  7. That jewellery is seriously fabulous... all the pieces are perfect and i would wear any or all of them... that s such a great idea to get together and plan sessions like that... and great work has come out of it...xx

  8. OMGosh! Leah and I got jewelry making supplies years ago, too. Leah was especially into the jewelry making. With my bum arm I had to have her do the finishing work on the clasps for me, but I enjoyed it, too. Your jewelry is just beautiful!! :)

  9. Your jewelry is beautiful but I think the fact that you made it together makes it a treasure full of rich memories already!


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